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Watch come of the awesome and amazing talents of Josh Chang

Ka Makualani (Cover)

Written by Niʻihau’s eldest living lei maker and composer. Māmā Ane writes of her affection for the lei pūpū. All the while, giving thanks to the heavenly father for his strength and wisdom.


He Lei No Aulani (Cover)

“He Lei No Aulani” talks of the tranquil splendor and affectionate welcome that greets our guests. The lyrics begin, “Iā ʻoe ē keia wehi ē” – this adornment is for you. The song says that our greeting is told through everlasting love – “wear this lei, it is for you, the one who has come.”

Olu O Pu'ulani (Cover)

Well known composer Helen Kau'inohea Paker wrote this song to honor the generosity of her sister Mamie Pu'ulewi and her homestead in Waiakoa on the island of Moloka'i. This mele also honors Mamie's son, Henry Jr, Who contracted Hansens disease and was confined to the remote peninsula of Kalaupapa. The lyrics urge him to take comfort in the memories of his loving home. 

Ke'anae (Cover)

Nani wale Ke'anae Composed by Alice Johnson

O Mohalanapua (Original)

This song was written for my childhood best friend. Whose hawaiian name is Mohalaonapua. My uncle kuana torres had translated the olelo for me. This song will be featured on my up coming new album this summer. Hope you enjoyed this video 

Nani Ni'ihau (Cover)

One of my favortie songs. Composed by Peter Kai Davis & John kamealoha Almeida. Sung by Na Palapalai Album: Nanea